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We provide perfect solutions that trigger
the very best of your creativity &  productivity


Pitch your ideas and manage campaigns for all your prospects, clients, investors, and investments.

Engage partners or Stakeholders in one place, with one click Technology Solutions (OCTS).
YOUR website:
YOUR Smart Mobile & Data
YOUR Smart Business Plan
YOUR Smart Pitch Deck
YOUR SmartMoney.
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Creative Solutions Development

  1. We  Assess and Identify your needs,
  2. Create, and design blueprints on budget.
  3. Build, develop, and integrate your solutions.
  4. Deploy hybrid technology for sustainability.
GLOBAL technology solutions group

Why Choose Us?

At Global Technology Solutions, we integrate best practices with everyday life-changing experiences for People, Processes, and Systems with product development and service delivery management, in a suitable Global  Environment.
Home Cloud
We design and automate modern indoor and outdoor spaces in style.

  1. Hybrid Security System.
  2. IoT Access Control System.
  3. Bills Management System.
  4. Activity tracking & Automation.
  5. Digital Insurance, & Safety. 
Business Cloud
We make great things possible with Hybrid 365 Business Workspace.

1. Human Resource SVCM.
2. Role Matrix, SOD, & Auto KPIs.
3. Hybrid 365 Geo Access & Control.
4. Leave, Payroll & Benefits.
5. Occupational Health & Safety.
 Go-Smart-365 | Everywhere! 
Enterprise Cloud
The Global Technology Solutions' philosophy as a company,

Stands on the basic belief that every individual and investment is always inspired towards unlimited creativity and an equal opportunity to benefit with technology solutions,

Start Smart Training

Digital Competencies with Hands-on-Job skills will grow your potential

connect and share content with friends, teammates, and prospects,

 We conduct a training needs assessment to grow your career or workforce potential
with Technology Solutions.

Take your career or workforce to the next level as a Professional Trainer of Trainers (ToT),
Certified in Technology Solutions

You can apply and qualify through our
 T0T Programme as an intern, junior trainee, trainer, or Systems Administrator;
Consultant or Certified Professional implementing projects, Audits, and Training programs affiliated with local universities, colleges or

  Customized Hybrid solutions sourcing to private or corporate clients among our
Global Business Partner Networks 

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Be Smart & Professional

Professionalism will make the very best of you


Pitch your proposals, manage all your
Tasks and projects with Technology Solutions.

Workspace 365.

Start Smart, Work Professional:

  1. Create Domain + e-mail address

  2. Website Design, Graphics & Print

  3. Hybrid Workspace & App Hosting

  4. Digital Marketspace Branding
  5. Hybrid 365 Sales & Marketing

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Smart Enterprise 365.

Business Process Management:

  1. Domains + Unlimited e-mails, Trafic, Databases & Hosting.

  2. Hybrid Customised BPM, ERM, ERP, EPC, Automations, Audits, Training & Certifications. 

  3. Hybrid Workspace and Cloud365.

  4. Digital Marketspace Branding
  5. Hybrid 365 Sales & Marketing+ 

Global Technology Solutions

Companies we know, always collaborate, share and implement best practice with integrated global technology solutions among others 

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Global Technology Solutions

Business Process Management, Hardware and Software Engineering, Apps Development, Hybrid ERM/ERP, EPC Implementations.

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 Corporate Solutions


Trending Marketplace products,
Services and workforce;  

Professional Engagements,
and Capacity Building;

Project Implementations
 and Certifications.

Corporate Social Resposibility 
with local communities,
Startups and NGOs.

Engaging SMEs
 for Development Partnerships
Across Global Business Communities (GBC).

Promoted and sponsored
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Global Business Development.

Roger M.Slotkin -CEO |RCS
Director Roger is a dynamic leader focused on company viability and market expansion. 

He has 50 years of experience in technology, manufacturing, and corporate management.
Stuart Elson - CEO | GDP
After 25 years of building and developing businesses all around the world in several sectors, Stuart established The Global Development Partnership Ltd in 2017. 
Charles Okurut - CEO | GTS
Director of Corporate Business Development, 15+ years of experience in Technology, Infrastructure, Financial Technology, and software implementations as Founder of GTS Consult, since 2007.

Global Technology Solutions - USA

USA data center in Chicago
Covers  U.S.A., Canada and Latin America.

Global Technology Solutions - UK

 UK data center in London
Covers Great Britain, Europe and Africa.

Global Technology Solutions - Australia

 AU data center in Sydney 
Covers Australia, Oceania and Asia.


101: Recruitment, & Staff  Training

Engage the best talent and skills with smart 365

102: Hands-on productivity KPIs

Get the very best of your team, accomplish work

103: Payroll & Benefits integration

 Smart employee onboarding benefits, to exit. 


Human Resource Management Apps for enhancing ERP systems 
with customized integrations + implementations on-premise and Cloud made affordable and easy. 
Maximize workforce productivity  across departments 
 customized for Recruitment, Training, Productivity, Payroll, and Benefits
with technology solutions


We deliver training as bonus package on every project, with special in-house or off premise and online trainings,
Get Professionally trained, Get Certified.


We handle every project and deliver customized quality products as required by clients from manufacturing, engineering, procurement, and commissioning.


we offer best practice to each client with the very best of our consultants to handle every project and client from start to completion of any assignment.

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