An auto-responder email is a an e-mail that's sent from your mailbox as the answer to each and every email that you get. The message is predetermined and it is sent automatically, so every single person that contacts you via electronic mail will get it as soon as their email is received on the system that manages your e-mails. This function is used when you need to notify people about various things, including being out of the office for a given period of time or that an purchase is received and is being processed. The auto-responder e-mail additionally functions as a confirmation for people who make contact with you that their e-mail has been received, if you are not able to read it and get back to them right away. It can include any kind of text of your preference and it can be modified depending on the precise occasion.

Auto-responder Emails in Cloud Website Hosting

Configuring an auto-responder e-mail will take you only a couple of mouse clicks if you are using a Linux cloud website hosting plan from us. This can be done in the Emails section of our in-house built Hepsia Control Panel where one can see your mailboxes listed in alphabetical order. You can either pick an email and click the auto-responder icon or just right-click and pick the feature in the context menu that will show up. All you have to do will be to type in the content which you want to be sent as the automated reply and save the modification. You can type in any text you need and editing or removing the auto-responder feature can be just as easy. From the same part of the Control Panel it is possible to keep track of which mail accounts have the feature active and which do not.

Auto-responder Emails in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you want to host your domain names in a semi-dedicated server account with our company, you will be able to add in an auto-responder for any email address you create from the Emails section of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. All email addresses that you've got will be available in alphabetical order within this section and for all of them you'll see a little "Auto-responder" button. To enable the feature, click the icon for a certain email, type in the message which you want people to get as a reply to their email messages, then save the changes. You will be able to change or remove this text any time following the exact same steps. If you'd like to add in an auto-responder to a number of emails, you can select them and include a message to them simultaneously - an option, which is available in Hepsia and that can help you save time and effort.